What is called dispensationalism has also been called Scofieldism, the Rapture Cult and Separation Theology

"Separation theology" refers to the radical separation that the classical dispensationalists make between physical Israel and the "church." This separation can also be called a "two house theology." God is said by dispensationalism to have two different groups of people, or houses, the Jews and the "church," who he deals with in different ways.

Dispensationalists make a separation between physical Israel, or the Jews, and the "church." They do not seem to understand or believe Paul in Romans 9: 6-8 where he says "they are not all Israel which are of Israel" and "they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed." Dispensationalists do not believe in an Israel reborn in Jesus Christ, which is the body of Christ; they believe in the "church."

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Dave MacPherson makes a number of statements about the origins of separation theology..

MacPherson says "John Walvoord truthfully viewed as one of the "early" pretribs, has also claimed that Darby first "understood" pretrib in either late 1826 or early 1827, and that Darby based his earliest development primarily on the "distinction" between the
"church" and "Israel" which, he said, would necessitate a separation between both groups that only a pretrib rapture could attain."

John Darby (1800-1882) said that the dispensation of law ended at the cross when the dispensation of grace began. But then when the seven year dispensationalist tribulation period begins, another dispensation of law begins - so proposed Darby. This created a problem for Darby's theory. How could another dispensation of law go on when the Church was still on earth? He thought that in the dispensation of law during the tribulation, God would be dealing with the Jews. Would the church in the
tribulation return to be under the law? The solution was that Darby postulated that before the events of the tribulation began and the one man dispensationalist Anti-Christ appeared, the church would be raptured off the earth. With the church gone, God would then turned to deal with the Jews during the tribulation. This point of Darby's theory may be the origin of the claim that the Book of Revelation is only for the Jews, since only they of God's people will be on earth in the tribulation.

If the church is raptured off the earth, leaving the Jews, what happens to the few Jews who have accepted Christ? Darby and later dispensationalists do not seem to deal with Messianic Jews, or with the vast majority of Jews who have rejected Christ entirely.

Darby proposed a radical separation between the church and the Jews, and apparently then said that
when a Jew comes to believe in Christ he becomes part of the church and is no longer part of Israel.
Of course, the messianic Jews would tend to reject this idea, wanting to be followers of Messiah and still be part of Israel.

MacPherson goes on to say that
"Not until 1839 ("Notes on the Revelation") did Darby have clear pretrib teaching! Basing it on Rev. 12:5's "man child" who was "caught up," he wrote: "If we apply it to the saints, who overcome here...then we find that...they are caught up out of his [the dragon's] way....; and the trial and persecution fall on those who are left here----upon the woman."

"In the Sep., 1830 Irvingite journal, a writer discussing Revelation's seven churches taught that "Philadelphia" will be "caught up" before a future "period of great tribulation" while the "Laodicean church" will be left behind "on earth" to face that period----the first clear
public teaching of pretrib that I've found."

"My book "The Rapture Plot" has seven pages of short quotes from the same Irvingite mouthpiece (1831-1833) which indisputably disclose a pretrib rapture as well as pretrib-type imminence----all appearing in print years before Darby expressed such concepts! The same book of mine also lists 21 short quotes that pretrib dispensationalists agree were Darby's earliest prophetic thoughts----"truths" they claimed he alone derived from Scripture, "truths" that supposedly led him to come up with the pretrib idea before anyone else. After I quoted them, I revealed that ALL of them were actually Irving's words in his preface to Manuel Lacunza's 1827 work and added that Irving revealed that he had held to those "truths" since 1825! "

Note: Manuel or Emmanuel Lacunza, 1731-1801, was a Jesuit priest who wrote The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty (1790). Supposedly Lacunza wrote that before Christ appeared the second time there would be a general apostasy of the Catholic Church which would make it part of the Anti-christ. What is important also is that Lacunza'a book was based upon a futurist interpretation of Bible prophecy. According to http://www.theologue.org/Theory-JPEby.html Lacunza the Jesuit also claimed that Jesus will return return twice, and on his first return return He "raptures" the Church so they can escape the reign of the "future antichrist." This interpretation of a future Anti-Christ as one man was apparently meant to steer the Protestants away from saying the Pope was the present Anti-Christ.

Edward Irving, an associate of John Darby and the English Plymouth Brethren, discovered Lacunza's book and was influenced by it. He translated it into English, and it was published in 1827.

On the site shown above Dave MacPherson writes that "Years ago my wife and I visited an elderly fellow believer in his home in Alberta, Canada who told us, from firsthand knowledge, that soon after
the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in 1917, a man in that country went to his pastor, angrily threw down his Bible, and shouted: "You lied to us! You said we would be raptured away first!" The Dutch heroine Corrie ten Boom declared in a 1974 article that when communism took over in China "millions of Christians were tortured to death" who had previously been assured: "Don't worry, before the tribulation comes you will be translated----raptured."